Interest in ROSETTA registry

The aim of ROSETTA (A global Registry OSecond gEneration inTegrase inhibiTor fAilures) is to gain more insight in relevant resistance to second generation INSTIs, which will allow to inform therapy guidelines and clinical interpretation algorithms. Patients can be included from any HIV care center globally, if they fullfill the inclusion criteria listed below.

  • Confirmed HIV-1 infection
  • Experiencing virological failure* on a second generation INSTI-containing regimen (including  monotherapy and dual-therapy regimens)
  • Integrase genotypic data or plasma/DBS sample available

* Virological failure is defined as 2 consecutive viral loads above 50 copies/mL in plasma or 1 VL above 200 copies/mL in plasma, or 1 VL of >50 copies/mL in CSF. Patients should be on ART (any regimen) for at least 6 months, and be using a second generation INSTI at time of the detectable VL. 

If you are interested to join this collaboration, please leave your name and contact details below, and we will contact you as soon as possible!