In memoriam - Ricardo camacho

Ricardo Camacho 23-5-1954 – 4-7-2018

Our beloved ESAR member Ricardo Camacho, passed away on July 4th after a long journey with cancer.

Ricardo has been an active and supportive (council) member of ESAR from the start of the society. We will remember him for his passionate input. He was an advocate for optimal patient care, a caring physician and a dedicated scientist on translational research. Ricardo was active in multiple collaborations and shared his knowledge broadly and with great enthusiasm.

Ricardo was also a well-known musician in Portugal. He played electric guitar and keyboard and composed and producer popular music. With his band “Seventh Legion” he brought out very successful tracks. There is a tribute placed on YouTube which you can visit through this link.

Most importantly, Ricardo was a loving father and the husband of fellow ESAR member Annemie Vandamme. The great love between Ricardo and Annemie has been very inspiring to all of us and will continue to fill our hearts with joy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Annemie and their family and friends.

In memoriam Ricardo Camacho