About Esar

The European Society for translational Antiviral Research (ESAR) aims to unite scientists and clinicians throughout Europe to expand knowledge on viruses and to investigate the molecular epidemiology of viruses in Europe from Public Health and scientific perspectives. ESAR will act as a collaborative network for scientific studies, quality control, guidelines and training activities.

Activities of ESAR

  • Knowledge Platform for continious education
    • Training activities
    • Guidelines
    • Exchange of information
    • Educational laboratory exchange program
    • Improving diagnostic methods: QC-programmes
  • HIV SPREAD-surveillance programme
  • HEPVIR (hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus) workinggroup: CAPRE study, HepCaRe
  • Collaborative network for scientific studies

ESAR performs the SPREAD programme in which virological reference centers from over >30 European countries expand knowledge on the appearance, spread, virological determinants and clinical consequences of HIV resistance under joint standards linked to a common shared self-sustainable database.

ESAR is the successor of the European Commission supported LSHP-CT-2006-518211 EuropeHIVResistance network.

To become a member of ESAR please send an e-mail to info@esar-society.eu.