HEPVIR activities


HEPVIR is an initiative of the Departments of Virology of the Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus MC) and the Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" (Tor Vergata) in collaboration with the FP6 funded EuropeHIVResistance network under the coordination of University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU: dr. Anne Wensing). The ErasmusMC and Tor Vergata departments, represented by Prof. dr. Charles Boucher and Prof.dr. Carlo-Federico Perno respectively, have taken the initiative to set up a clinical virological collaborative network focusing on addressing key virological research questions in the area of Hepatitis B and C infections in Europe and bordering regions. From 2012 the activities of HEPVIR have been integrated within ESAR as a working group.

Background and Rationale

HEPVIR aims to contribute to a coherent approach in combating the public health threat caused by viral hepatitis B and –C. Significant progress has been made in the combat of both infectious diseases, notably in the area of antiviral- and vaccine development, not in the least because of the investments made by the large pharmaceutical companies. Especially in the area of HCV, a number of new antiviral treatments with novel mechanisms of action are in advanced stages of development. The next step is to build forward on these achievements and to organize the field of hepatitis research, across national borders, scientific disciplines and across the public and private sector in order to effectively deploy the current and future prevention and treatment tools at our disposal and to further decrease the health burden caused by HBV and HCV in Europe and its bordering regions.